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germel boado

In my opinion, THE most important vendor at a wedding is the DJ. A good DJ not only keeps the party moving, but they also carefully curate the perfect moods for each moment. The quality of the DJ's abilities sets the tone in a lot of ways. With all these moving factors, it's a good idea to know what to look for when finding the right DJ.

I've asked a few of my fellow peers to list 5 qualities that make a great DJ. Read their responses below.

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Dj Scotty Fox of Spintronix

1. Music selection / knowledge - can this person handle any music format, genre etc

2. Professsionalism - Will they be professional at the event, and dealing with with client

3. Equipment - Will there be issues during the event? Is their setup clean and neat. Can they provide the extra services you might require?

4. MC - Will the DJ be the MC as well? Is he comfortable doing that? Does his personality mesh well with the tone you want to set for the event? 

5. Skill - Are they boring? /Are they a club dj, just play songs etc...


"I would argue that besides the bride and groom the Dj is the most important party of the need a Dj that will feel honored to DJ a special event like a wedding..all in the attitude."

1. Organized 

2. Easy to read contract

3. A understanding of musical flow

4. Someone that won't crack under pressure

5. Must have a friendly smile on the whole night. 

DJ Goldenchyld of The Bangerz

1. Professionalism

2.Good Musical Taste

3. Ability and willingness to customize musically

4. Quality Equipment / Set up

5. Punctuality

DJ Cutso of The Bangerz

1. Reputation (What do past clients have to say?)

2. Song selection

3. Are they reliable, professional and punctual? 

4. Setup (Do they have good, quality equipment?)

5. Price

Dj Chrismixx of Synchronized Sounds

1. Professional: dresses nice, friendly and courteous in communication.

2. Knowledge in music

3. Knowledge in setups

4. Can easily assist and answer any questions.

5. Flexible and will do whatever it takes to bring the couple's vision to life.

This post was done in collaboration with Rosey Gonzales