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Gift Giving and a Q&A with 7SOULfriends

germel boado

When you're getting married, a first thought would be, who you want to be part of your bridal party. Usually they are close family members and friends, that will support you through the process as they witness the vows you will be making.  These are special people and they probably mean a whole lot to you. 

A simple token of appreciation for your loved ones can be showcased through the giving of a gift. Down below you will read about 7SOULfriends, a company that focuses on creating bracelets that are more than jewelry to wear - but also carry significance per each bracelet made. 

And to make the deal even sweeter 7SOULfriends is offering a 10% discount for those who mention With orders larger than 5, special pricing is also available.



How long have you've been running 7SOULfriends?

My friend Jayme and I started 7SOULfriends back in April 2014. 

What inspired you to form 7SOULfriends?

Jayme and I have also been into gemstones, chakra healing and Reiki separately and one day learned we were both into and decided we wanted to learn more. We took classes to gain more knowledge and then wanted to start using gemstones to help us through some tough times we might have been going through. We searched for places to buy them but one day Jayme said we could probably make these ourselves. We bought the material and started making them for ourselves. Our friends and family started asking us about our bracelets and when we told them they wanted us to make them as well. We enjoyed the happiness it brought to them and decided we wanted to share this with anyone wanting to learn and have cute healing jewelry.

What do you think sets you apart from other in your similar industry?

I think what sets us apart from others is that we really take the time to get to know our customers and what they are really looking for. We go from emails, to texts, to phone calls and even rare occasion we might meet up with them to really go into depth for what they are looking for. We want them to be part of this process since it's their piece and their healing. Some don't know much about gemstones and chakras when they come to us but we try to educate them as best we can so so they can continue on their journey when we aren't there. They start out as our customers but in the end they become our friends. That's the best part! 

What goes into the creative process?

Once someone requests a custom piece we typically try to find out what they are trying to attract in their lives, what they want to work on, or if they have specific ailments they need aid with. From there we do research on what stones might work best. We will ask the customer if they will let us take full lead and create something or if they want to be part of the process. If they let us take the lead we create the best possible design and it can take up to a few times to get it right. If they want to be part of the process we still do research on stones unless they've told us what stones they'd like and from their do several designs and show the customer. Once everything has been decided on I will do Reiki on each piece to give it a better energy flow on the gemstones so it can help the person receiving it even more. After we package everything and each bracelet comes with a brief description of each stone we use for their reference. 

Why do you think your bracelets would make a great gift?

We think our bracelets make a great gift because they were especially made for the person wearing it. That's already special in itself whether you're making it for you or someone else. They also go with anything from fancy to casual. 
One of our friends told us "These make the best gifts because they give people hope...NOTHING BEATS HOPE!"

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This post was done in collaboration with Rosey Gonzales