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I wish I had...

germel boado

All that you've imagined for your wedding day, doesn't always come to fruition. Retrospection can sometimes leaves us saying..."I wish I had done such and such..." 

In this post, we went around and asked a few married couples what they wish they had done for their wedding day. From taking pictures to setting up appropriate times to spend with family, here is what their experience has shown them.

Do you have a wish you'd like to share? Feel free to comment in this post!

"I wish I had"

"I wish I would have been more realistic about the chances of rain happening! Luckily it all worked out, but I think we had been overly optimistic about it not raining! I wish we would have had a better back up plan in the case of rain (which we semi had but it wasn't that well thought out). A more thorough back-up plan, I guess you could say."
 - Aimee Wuestefeld Hirata

"I WISH I WAS ON TIME. ..... It doesn't push anything else back on the timeline."
- Julius Bercasio

"Take more pictures of our family and friends"

"Oh and important for the bride to eat"

"Make sure to give the photographer of specific things/ppl to photograph"
"Make sure the best man and made of honor aren't too drunk for their speeches "

"It would be better for guests to order online and have the gifts sent directly to the bride and grooms house. Saves bride and groom the hassle of bringing them to the car"

"Have someone man the gift table - or a few ppl to keep an eye on it ...  Some people and employees steal ! "
"On the invitation instead of putting the exact time that the ceremony will start ... put it 1/2 hour earlier. 

"Have reserved the tables that seat my immediate fam - then the other guests to sit where they want"
- Quoted from two separate brides:  Shirley Cueto & Janette Ngo

"I wish I had more of a 'plan' for our children. Our two little girls were very clingy and I ended up carrying them for most of the reception. I would have scheduled shifts with my family and bridal party to get my party on :) 
- Kris Romero

"One thing I wish we did was invite more people. Since Matt & I were paying for our own wedding we had to set some limits and really stick to them. "

- Edralyn Botz

"For our wedding...I wish I took more pictures with my parents and my daughter, and my in-laws."
"I wish I had danced with the guests more!! We had a brunch wedding so when the dancing started, we had to take pics with each other to capture the 5pm lighting."
-Valerie & Joey Mirandilla

This post was done in collaboration with Rosey Gonzales