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A Makeup Artist Meet and Greet

germel boado

Ladies, there is something magical when an artist can 1) understand the structure of your face 2) how to bring the best out of it and 3) provoke a beauty that is true to you. The ideal make up artist is dedicated to making each client shine in their own right.

In this blog post we asked some talented Bay Area makeup artists to share the body of their work through a small photo resume and their general makeup artistry experience.  Each of them has generously provided content, so you have the opportunity to get to know them here.

So please meet and greet......

Make-Up Artist: Reinee Urrutia,  for PROJECT: face (@projface)



"I have worked as a Beauty Advisor for Clinique and was a retail makeup artist for MAC Cosmetics. I am currently working as a freelance makeup artist for weddings, proms, portraits and special Events. "

If you are interested in more of Reinee's tutorials click HERE .

Q&A with Reinee:

G-WREX : Why do you love being a make up artists?

REINEE:   As a Makeup Artist, I pride myself in seeing my clients not only look beautiful, but feel beautiful.  Sometimes all it takes is just a pop of color to bring out confidence, and I'm happy to provide that to my gorgeous clients.

G-WREX: Why do you love working with wedding clients ?

REINEE:  There's something special about working with brides.  As a Makeup Artist, I'm part of one of the biggest days of their life and I'm essentially bringing that moment to life for them.  I love working with my brides because I get to know exactly how they're feeling in the moments before they say "I do."  Whether they're anxious, nervous, or excited, all those emotions turn around when I finish their makeup and hand them the mirror.  It's an amazing feeling!  I also really love the bonding I see between a bride and her bridesmaids in the x-amount of hours it takes to get ready.  It's so much fun to be around!

....more photos can be viewed at or 

 If you are interested in connecting with Reinee Urrutia, please check:


Make-up Artist: Carlen Jewelle



"I started my makeup career at Mac Cosmetics when I was 19 years old. I ventured into film and print shortly after. After stepping into cosmetic management, I worked for numerous brands including Estee Lauder, Shiseido, Dior, Laura Mercier and Trish McEvoy. I eventually managed the entire Nordstrom Cosmetic Department, overseeing all counters and training for all employees within 65+brands. It really opened up my eyes to new products and as a cosmetic junkie, you can never have enough knowledge! I continue to do freelance makeup on the side of my 9-5 job." 

More of Carlen's tutorials can be seen HERE .  

Q &A with Carlen: 

G-WREX: Why do you love doing make up? 

CARLEN: I love doing makeup because I love seeing the overall effect it can bring to someone's day. But truthfully, I just have this need to share my data and knowledge whenever or wherever I get the chance because it's so hard to find stuff that works. I hate wasting money on products that don't live up to their advertisments. I mean, Ive been doing this for over 10 years and still have yet to find a mascara that I 100% love; it really makes me want to formulate my own. I also love giving advice about whether or not this product will work for someone and possibly why it hasn't worked at all. I love helping people save time and money.

G-WREX: What interests you about doing weddings ? 

CARLEN:  I love doing weddings because it's fun! And most people will say they love making people feel pretty which is a must, but for me, I really love enhancing someone's face. Sometimes a makeup artist will do what they're comfortable with, sometimes even just replicating their own face, over and over, on every client they have. Which isn't always the best for certain features. Everyone is different in a variety of ways: Skintone, eyeshape, etc. Some wear a full face of makeup everyday and some wear Chapstick. It's a real art to figure out how to properly apply makeup without completely altering someone's face. A good makeup artist needs to find the balance between different face structures vs. makeup comfort level - and I don't take it lightly! I'm such a perfectionist! With every face I encounter, I apply my "terminator" like evaluation from top to bottom:

brows: (terminator computing noise) must be thicker

Eyes:(terminator computing noise) make them look brighter

Skin: (terminator computing noise) fix tone and texture

Lips: (terminator computing noise) plump them up ...........

haha You get the point. I'm passionate. ;P

More photos can be seen at   

 If you're interested in contacting Carlen you can find her at:    #facemebycarlen    #carlens15secondtutorial 



Make-up Artist: Renee Batres



"I am currently working at MAC COSMETICS and I have been here for over 8 years. I was selected to be a manager of a 5 million dollar store and been backstage at Macys Passport Fashion Show, 6 times !!!  I was hand selected by celebrity artists Louise Zizzo and Victor Cembellin to assist them backstage. I have also worked with John Stapleton (Kelly Osbornes personal makeup artist/ dancing with the stars mua) creating stitches. I have been hand selected to be an artist at the Academy of Art University Fashion Show 2014.Was a team leader for a Deep Sea Creature transformation (Halloween Galleria Night @ Mac Valley Fair 2013.In charge of MAC VALLEY FAIR'S instagram and social media. I've been on Mac's traveling team for years and just got back on "Impact Team" I do lots of makeup for models, photoshoots, video shoots, bridal, Halloween and any known holidays..... and  one of the top requested artists at Valley Fair." 

More of Renee's work and short tutorials can be seen at

Q&A with Renee: 

G-WREX: What do you believe make up can do for people ? 

RENEE:   I love being me, because I get to touch the hearts of many. Makeup can transform anything and anybody. The ability to transform is powerful, but the ability to transform the way men and women feel about themselves, is untouchable.

G-WREX: What do you love most about working with wedding clients? 

RENEE:  Wedding days are held forever in the heart of the bride, to be chosen to help a bride on her special day is very honorable to me. To be able to win the trust of a complete stranger is to love the connection, the understanding, the experience and the outcome. It is a different story with every bride and that journey it is what I live for.

If you're interested in contacting Renee you can get a hold of her at:



Make-up Artist: Christine Avilez



"I have over 13 yrs experience in the industry. I started out doing freelance work,  prom, and homecoming makeup. I worked a little over 3 years with Brie Ohlund photography and around the same time I worked with Kristen Gonzales photography. I did makeup for F.A.M.E one year, and also worked at Lilly's salon." 

You can check out more of Christine's work at 

Q&A with Christine:

G-WREX : What does being a make up artist mean to you? 

Christine : I love to do makeup, it really brings me so much joy. I love seeing the expressions on my clients faces after I'm done. I'm not making these ladies beautiful I'm just enhancing their attributes that they already have.

If you're interested in Christine's work and would like to contact her:



This post was done in collaboration with Rosey Gonzales