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germel boado

Choosing "the day" is one very important choice you and your significant other will be making. There is so much to consider, such as, "Do we want it in the summer?" or "What is a special day for us?" No matter what you ending up choosing, we've listed some pointers, to help narrow down the date. Hopefully this helps you figure out how to plan out the wedding of your dreams.

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Weigh the pros & cons of a long or short engagement

  • The most common length of an engagement is about a year. Most couples feel that this enough time to plan everything out. Other couples may opt for 6 months (or around that time) if let's say, they are planning a very small and intimate wedding. While other couples, maybe go beyond 1 year, if there are several other things going on during the time of the engagement. Consider what you have going on and go on from there

What season?

  • Depending on your preference, Summer, Winter, Spring & Fall each create there own theme. Summer is a popular season, simply because the weather is much more suitable for gathering people to a wedding. Do you enjoy the warmth of the summer? Off season wedding dates, however, can be much more budget friendly. Perhaps rich fall colors how much more of a visual appeal to you. There is a bit of give and take, no matter what season you choose, so make sure to do further research

Day of the week?

  • Are you certain you want your wedding on a Saturday? For those who are watching the budget, a Sunday or weekday wedding is an alternative to consider.

Consider if it falls on a holiday or other important dates

  • Double check the dates. Is the date you've picked on a day like Super Bowl Sunday or even a religious holiday or the weekend of a standard holiday? Factor all those in.

Envision what your perfect wedding day looks like

  • Talking about the vision with you partner, can be such a great experience.  Does it entail the sound of waves crashing? What about the abundance of summer roses? Creating the vision of how you see yourself getting married, will contribute to the perfect wedding date

Happy pickings!!

This post was done in collaboration with Rosey Gonzales