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germel boado

     I have the pleasure of working with engaged couples in planning the vibe they’d like for me to set of their upcoming special day. Most of the time, I hear either the bride or groom count down the months from when we meet and the time they have left to “get in shape” for their wedding day.

     Hearing this enough times, I’ve decided to include this blog, as I have been working with an amazing trainer since 2008 and just recently reunited with her this year as I’ve begun training with my crew The Bangerz. Since 2008, my good friend and trainer Mona Liza- owner & founder of Go Team Mo, has been the original “Bridal Boot Camp” trainer in the San Jose, CA area since 2010. She has worked with over a dozen brides-to-be (along with some of their bridal parties AND grooms as well) in getting into fantastic shape, beyond the wedding day, but into the honeymoon, months and even years after, as many of her clients that start with her, end up staying to continue training with her.

     She offers various packages depending on your commitment, availability and budget. She even offers “punch cards” that allows you to pre-pay for 6 sessions and train at your convenience. Aside from providing accountability, she switches up your workouts, keeping your body & mind guessing and best of all, the music is always on point! As a deejay I can appreciate the importance of music when setting the vibe. J 

     I believe that she can help my couples reach their fitness goals in preparation for their wedding day that I’ve even purchased a punch card to gift to my clients to go check her out. A lot of my success as the “Evening Ambassador” and signing new clients is due to referrals from past clients and I’d like to pay it forward, by referring an awesome trainer and entrepreneur who not only helps her clients succeed, but genuinely cares about the people she trains. To read more about Mona Liza and Go Team Mo, feel free to check out her Yelp reviews: