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When You Say "Yes"


When You Say "Yes"

germel boado

Is there a defining moment in time when you discover the person you are in love with, is the same exact person that you want to spend the rest of your life with? What is that moment like when it occurs to you?

In this post we asked a few couples to share what that experience was like for them. Read below to find out what each of them said.

Amy & Logan


What made you say yes? 

Besides the fact that I am totally in love with him I would have to say its family that seals the deal for me! From the first time I met Logan's Family they have been nothing less than amazing to me. I tell his parents everything and they always come back with the best advice. I look at his brothers like my own and his grandparents are the sweetest people. As for my family they absolutely love Logan and I know he feels the same. Family is really important to me and I could never be with someone they don't accept.

How did you know it was time?

We have been dating for about 7 years now and I can honestly say he is my best friend. Even though he drives me crazy sometimes I couldn't image my life without him! I am so excited for our future together.

Chester & Yesenia


What made you ask the "question"?

For once in my life,  things have never been so clear and I have never been so certain. I knew I wouldn't be whole without her. She's my heart and soul , she's my everything. She's the bacon to my eggs! I'm forever grateful and humbled that she gave me the opportunity to be a part of the rest of her life and I cannot wait to spend the rest of forever with my dream girl. Man, I'm so excited for the day I can call her my Wife and her calling me her Husband!

How did you know it was time?

There was no specific moment or time during our relationship that made me realize it was time or if she was the one. All I knew that this girl was perfect!  Our love was easy. You often hear married couples say you know when the time comes - you just know. Well, I had that magical moment!

Rachel & Kyle


What made you say yes?

My partner and I were engaged on our 7th anniversary. As a child of divorced parents, it look me longer than most to feel comfortable with the idea of marriage. I wanted to be sure that I would only marry one time and that our relationship was capable of withstanding all of life's challenges. Our relationship has always felt very natural, very easy but what finally gave me that confidence to move toward marriage was our time-tested ability to walk through obstacles together and come out stronger on the other side.

How did you know it was time?

After 4 years of dating through college followed by 3 years of co-habitation, it was time!! We had many conversations what our future might hold, but one thing we knew for certain was that our futures were better together. 

Cindy & Marvin


What made you say yes?

Marvin's proposal was weak at best. He was very nervous and awkward, but what made me say yes was all a culmination of observations I made months prior. He vibes with my family. He was always willing to help when my dad needed to move a dresser downstairs, or take care of my nephew.
Apart from caring for my family, he takes care of me. He maintains the balance of being yielding and creating boundaries. (I am not his bitch nor is he mine) - And I knew I was willing to take on that challenge!

How did you know it was time?

No single moment in time. Happened in a slow transition. He's a man I can party with, pray with, travel with. #1 reason was that I could see him being the king of the house and managing our soon-to-be family.


This post was done in collaboration with Rosey Gonzales


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